Under the Spotlight

Loaded Cup 2016


Born: 17 October 1973

Marital status: Married

Coach: Alex Thomassen


Height: 161 cm

Off-season weight: between 64-66 kg

Competition weight: between 58-60 kg

Measurements are at competition time -
shoulders/quads are relaxed, biceps flexed
Shoulders: 121 cm
Quadriceps: 53 cm
Arms: 36 cm

Competitive Record:
•IFBB Loaded Cup 2016 Bochum, Germany - Mixed Pairs 2nd Place, Masters Women's Physique 3rd place, Women’s Physique 4th place
•IFBB Arnold Classic 2016 Columbus, Ohio - Women's Physique 12th place
•IFBB Arnold Classic 2015 Columbus, Ohio - Women's Physique 16th place

•IFBB/DBFV International Deutsche Meisterschaft Bochum, Germany 2014 - Women's Physique 2nd place
•IFBB Arnold Classic Europa 2014 Madrid, Spain - Women's Physique 10th place
•IFBB/DBFV International Deutsche Meisterschaft Bochum, Germany 2013 - Women's Physique 3rd place
•IFBB/DBFV Deutsche Masters Meisterschaft Duisburg, Germany 2013 - Women's Bodybuilding 2nd place
•IFBB/DBFV International Großer Preis Von Hessen & RLP Finale 2013 - Women's Bodybuilding 1st place
•NABBA Universe 2013 Southport, England - Figure II
•WFF World Championships 2012 Linz, Austria - Figure (Superbody) 5th place
•NABBA Universe 2012 Southport, England - Figure II 7th place
•NABBA World Championships 2012 Dublin, Ireland - Figure II 8th place
•WFF Universe 2012 Baden, Austria - Figure (Superbody) 5th place
•WFF World Championships 2011 Gratz, Austria - Figure (Athletic) 3rd place
•WFF International Deutche Meistershaft 2011 Witzenhausen, Germany - Figure (Athletic) 1st place
•Women’s 1st Place & Overall Winner USAFE Bodybuilding Championship 2010, 2009, 2008
•Women’s 1st Place & Overall Winner Armed Forces European Bodybuilding Championship 2009
•Women’s 1st Place & Overall Winner Stuttgart Bodybuilding Championship 2009
•Women’s 1st Place & Overall Winner Grafenwoehr Bodybuilding Championship 2009
•5th Place British Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro Qualifier 2008

Why did you started with bodybuilding ?
I moved to Germany in 2002 and gained a lot of weight.
By 2004 I weighed 80kg (but NO muscle!).
I was only 33 years old and my health was getting very bad.
In 2007 I injured my knee skiing
and had to go to the gym to make it strong again.
I enjoyed working out and began losing weight.
I changed my lifestyle completely
and decided to try a very small bodybuilding show
at our military base in England.
I fell in love with the sport and kept going.

Other sports before bodybuilding?
none :)

Favorite food for weight reduction:
eggs and oatmeal

Favorite food after competition:
pizza or hamburgers

Favorite aerobic activity:
HIIT training on the Jacobs Ladder

Favorite nutrition supplements:
BCAA’s, Glutamine, L-Arginine, Yohimbe

If you could only do one exercise, which on would you choose?

Strongest muscles:
they are all pretty strong!

Muscles that you like exercising:
I love working them all

How many calories do you take daily?
1700-1900 contest time, 1800-2200 offseason

Favorite celebrity? Dwayne Johnson (“the Rock”)

If you won 1 million $$$, what would you buy?
Pay off my kids’ college bill then buy my own gym

What would you change in sport if you could?
I would like to see athletes judged more on shape
and aesthetics than just sheer mass and conditioning.
I also like having a weight restriction based on height
for the Women’s Physique division
(similar to the men’s classic bodybuilding category).

What do you like doing in your spare time?
spend time with my family and sleep!

Who is your favorite woman bodybuilder?
??? don’t know

What is your sport goal?
To win an upper level show (Arnold Classic, Loaded Cup, etc)

Please describe a typical day in your life?
I wake up at 0330 to have breakfast
and Skype with my kids who are in college in the United States.
I start work at 0530 (personal trainer).
From 0630-0900 is my personal workout/cardio time.
I finish work at 1300 then come home to work
on the computer for my online clients.
My family comes home at 1700 and we have dinner.
My bedtime is 19:30!

Please tell me something about your daily training routine?
I love lifting heavy, but I have found that volume training works well for me, especially with my legs.
I usually work my large muscle groups at the beginning of the week when I’m most rested (legs, back, shoulders)
and save the other body parts for the end of the week when I’m typically getting tired (chest, arms).
My reps can be anywhere from 6-40 depending on the body part and/or exercise.
I love using drop sets, tabata timers, supersets and giant sets as well!

How often do you train in a week ?
contest prep - lift 6 days/week, cardio 7 days/week offseason - lift 5 days/week, cardio 5-6 days/week

What are the main differences when you train for a competition and in off season?
I have more calories/carbs and my workouts are heavier and a little slower paced.

What are your future plans for 2016/2017?
Amateur Olympia in Dortmund, Germany (October 2016), Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio (March 2017), Loaded Cup 2017

Sandi Griffin
IFBB International Women’s Physique Athlete
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
AFAA Certified Military Fitness Specialist
Bodybuilding & Figure Coach
Nutrition Coach