Silvia Chavez-Terrazas

Silvia at the WM 2006

Born in the city of Chihuahua, a city situated in Central-North Mexico. Happily married for 13 years, we have a 10 year old girl named Katia. My husband has been my trainer ever since we have been married. He has been participating in weight-lifting competitions for 18 years. Thus, I can say that we have had no problems in accommodating the “training” lifestyle into our lives.

We have owned and operated the Albatross gym for 13 years. My height is 1.64m. My off-season weight is 68 kgs. And my in-season weight is 60-62 kgs. My biceps´ diameter is 15.5” .

I have been awarded the State Championship 7 times, and the National Championship 4 times (2005 and 2006). I have been training since 1990; before I practiced swimming and cycling.

My diets consists of poultry and fish; red meat only once a week. My favorite carbs are rice, lentils and oatmeal. I reduce my carb intake days before the competition.

My after competition favorite foods are pizza and tacos. I indulge for a few days.

My favorite aerobic exercise is steps and spinning.

My dietary supplements are protein shakes, creatine and a fat reducer.

My favorite training is back, one arm rows.

My most outstanding group muscles are abdomen, back and biceps.

I eat between 2,500 to 3,000 calories.

If I had a million dollars I would establish a sports club in which I could promote more sport disciplines in the community. I would definitely call for more governmental support for athletes, specially those who want to compete internationally.

A typical day for me is: taking my daughter to school, return home for food preparation, perform customer service activities at our gym, train also at the gym.

I consider that the height of female weight–training was in the 80´s with truly remarkable trainers such as Anja Langer, Juliette Bergmann, who contributed so much for this sport.

My future projects include attempting to win the National Championship again next year and attend an international competition.

One of my most precious wishes is that more women get involved in this sport to be a better athlete and person to transcend among those who are near me.