Lada Plihalova

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Shooting April 2009

Basic stats:
Name: Lada Plihalova
Zodiac: Lion
Living in Prague, Czech Republic
Height: 5´3,75”
154 lbs (70kg) offseason/
129 lbs (59kg) competition weight
Measurements (offseason):
Biceps: 15”
Thigh: 23,5”
Calves: 15”
Chest: 43,3”
Waist: 24” (21-22” competition)
Hips: 36”
Lifting stats:
Benchpress: 220 lbs power lifting style
Deadlift: 290 lbs for reps
Bent over one arm rows: 110 lbs for 10 reps
Squats: 264lbs / 154 lbs for 30 reps
Best achievements:
In Figure, bodybuilding and women physique:
2007 Universe NAC 6th (bodybuilding)
2009 NABBA Nationals 2nd,
NABBA World championship 4th (figure open)
2011 NABBA European cup 1st (figure),
NAC World championship 5th (bodybuilding),
WFF/NABBA Universe 2nd (bodybuilding),
NPC Pacific USA championship 1st (bodybuilding)
2012 NPC 5th (women physique division)
In powerlifting/benchpress:
2009 GPC Nationals in benchpress 1st
2010 GPC Ironpower cup (international) 2nd,
2010 GPC World championship in raw benchpress 1st and 3rd overall

Lada Plihalova is around the sport and competing from 1996,
in 1997 she got her first runner up title on Teenage Nationals (IFBB).
She had a longer break than, while being on her University studies.
In 2003 she got her M.A. in anthropology and international relations.
In 2006 she returned back as an IFBB Figure (bodyfitness) but not with a big success.
In 2007 she switched to NABBA and competed on WFF-BNFF World Cup as figure.
Same year she also entered NAC and got to finals on Universe,
held in Hamburg – Germany in Physique (bodybuilding) class.
In 2008 she had a break caused by serious illness, when she was paralyzed from her neck down.
Therefore she had to skip her first season in NABBA Czech but she returned back on stage in 2009
with even bigger success and she was the biggest surprise on Nationals in Figure class.
There she got 2nd place after a tough competition.
She was nominated to the national team A and she took 4th place in her class (Figure II)
on the NABBA World championship.
In 2010 she decided to skip another season in Figure.
Instead she focused on benchpress competitions and later in the year she got a title of World champion
in raw benchpress in her weight class and 3rd place overall.
In 2011 she had the best season. Shortly after her win at home competition in Figure,
where the concurrence was none, she entered NAC World championship,
where she appeared as a bodybuilder and took 5th place in tough competition.
Later she entered WFF (NABBA related) Universe, again as bodybuilder and she took 2nd place there.
In summer she left NABBA from personal reasons and she got an opportunity to compete in USA
in NPC federation– in August she won NPC Pacific USA Championship in bodybuilding.
In 2012 she was the first European, who ever entered new class – women physique division (WPD).
She placed 5th on
Her dream is to bring back on stage the 90ties look in this class.
Her plans now are to fix the metabolism, as the whole sport career she is fighting with the thyroid gland disease,
downsize her legs a bit and work on V shape and lean elegant physique to be as close to 90ties look as possible,
while keeping natural. She has no direct competition plans yet. Her dream is to get a pro card in WPD one day.

Her websites in english: