Federica Ortu

Fibo 2009

Federica was born in Torino on April 22,1981. Righ tnow she lives in Borgaro Torinese, where she grew up. She has always been such a good student and she always has been into sports ..tennis and swimming in particular.

Her family have always been by her side and she loves them so much. Her brother,Christian, is her biggest fan.

During a very difficult moment of her lifetime she started lifting weights and she discovered her real passion.The bodybuilding. Right now she studies law in the university of Torino and she's gonna be graduate very soon.Then she would like to be a lawyer into the sports world. Her trainer is Stefano Magliano ..he's very proud of her and he really wants to make her compete in the States as a pro. Right now she's the IBFA world champion,overall winner.


2005 IBFA World Championship 1st place
2005 NABBA European Championship 2nd place
2005 NABBA Italian Championship 1st place

2004 WPF Italian Championship 3th place
2004 WPF European Championship 6th place
2004 WABBA Ercole Farnese 4th place
2004 interfederal gran prix 2th place

2003 NABBA Italian Championship 3th place
2003 NABBA gran prix toscano 1th place
2003 NABBA gran prix piemontese 3th place

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