Nieves Martinez Garcia

Fibo 2010

I'm into bodybuilding for 8 years, Iwent to the gym because my low weight (48 kg )
at this moment my weight is 63 kg off-seasson and 53 in competition shape my height is 1,58 mts.
At this moment I’m aerobic teacher in a gym but I pacticed athletisme too in my youth age (I'm 34 years old) I worked as a auxiliar nurse too.
I love the sun in the beaches and get tunned in bikini.
I won the Spanish Ms. Olympia 1997 and I was 3rd in 1996 at this moment I'm trying to participate in international championships,
I won the WABBA Spanish in 2001 and the same year I was European WABBA champion in Italy.
I love informal clothing and I love dancing under modern music.
I like ficcion and romantic films.
I'm really grateful to all my friends for their support in the gym and in my ordinary life.