Susanne Niederhauser

Fibo 2006


Birthday: August, 13th 1970 - Wels (Austria)

Material Status: long term relationship with my boyfriend Wolfgang

Off-season weight: 146 Pounds (66 kg)

Competition weight: 132 Pounds (60 kg)

Height: 163 cm


I started Bodybuilding when I was 17 years old. I always loved the look of the female bodybuilders like Cory Everson, Anja Langer and Lenda

Murray and as I watched the first bodybuilding contest I knew that´s what I want to do in the future. I trained some years and my first competition was in 1995.
Since this one I couldn´t leave bodybuilding.
It seems I´m being obsessed with it. So I competed every year again and tried to improve myself every time a little bit.
I never thought I´ll become a Pro any time.
The decision to become a profession bodybuilder didn´t change my life beside I´m competing at other competitions now.
I still work for an Austrian paper and care for our subscribers and advertisers.
I like my job. It´s a good change to the sport.


May 1995
2nd Place - Austrian Championship
1st Place - Upper Austrian Championship

May 1996
1st Place - Austrian Championship
1st Place all over - Upper Austrian Championship

May 1997
8th Place - IFBB European Championship Minsk
2nd Place - Austrian Championship

October 1998
4th Place - IFBB World Championship Alicante
1st Place overall - Austria Cup (International)

October 1999
1st Place - IFBB World Championship Sydney

October 2000
5th Place - IFBB World Championship Warsaw
1st Place - Austria Cup

August 2001
2nd Place - World Games Japan (Akita)

May 2002
1st Place lightweight - South West Pro Cup in Dallas
7th Place lightweight - Miss Olympia Las Vegas

August 2003
4 th Place lightweight - Jan Tana Classics Pro Cup

4. th Place - Miss International - LG Columbus/Ohio - USA
3. th Place - IFBB Europa Super Show - LG - Dallas (USA)

In my little free time I like being together with my friends or my family. I like to listen music (at time my favorites are Sade (Lovers Rock), George Michael, Simply Red or just chill out music), reading, web design, going to the movies. Also I love to go out for good dinners or just to hang around and being lazy.

I train together with my brother Dieter and my boyfriend. We are a great team which not only know how to train intensive. We also have a lot of fun during our workouts. Actually I like to train every body part but dislike to do cardio.

I think my strongest point is my symmetry and my weak points I won´t tell you .

In my opinion female bodybuilder should look feminine, big, defined, symmetrical, healthy and beautiful at once. And I try to do my best for showing you a good package of all of this.

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