Anke Luth

NABBA European 2005

30 years
contest weight 62 kg
hight 1.64 m

I started training seriously about 4 years ago. Before that I always did other sports. After a year I did my first contest as a figure athlete, which I won. After the contest I was invited to do the European Championships from the IFBB, in the leightweight bodybuilding class. In that same year I also did the World Championships. So things were going pretty fast for me. I was extremely lean and sharp back then but didn't had that much muscle mass. I knew I wanted to be a good female bodybuilder so I had to put on more muscles. I also knew that that takes time, a lot of hard training and good nutrition. I'm addicted to training so that's not a proble, the only problem with that is that I tend to overdo it. But it was until last year that I didn't have a good coach and trainer, it's amazing how much progress I made since I started training with Hedwig Parden, my coach, trainer and best friend. I moved to Amsterdam so we could train everyday and guide me with my nutrition. for a year I did no contests because we wanted to make good progression. And it worked because I became the Dutch National Champion just three weeks ago. Now we're preparing for the Europian and World Championships from the NABBA at 4th and 18th of June.
We train in The Hague at "The House of Pain" studio 2005, for me te only real hardcore gym in the Netherlands. It's the gym from Willem Jonkman. It's a very special place, where you can learn a lot.
I train 6 times a week and do cardio twice a day during my contest preparation. I always did a lot of running and teach aerobicsclasses, but this last year I do only heavy cardio for my legs. I take good care of my nutrition all year long.
I'm very determined and know I can reach my goal and even though a have a University degree in sports and fysiology, I must say that I can't do it alone. For me there's only one who can help me reach my goal and I know were going to do a good job in the future!

Contest records:

European Masters NABBA 2005 in Germany 1 st. place
World Masters NABBA 2005 in Brazil place