Frida Palmell

Fibo 2013


Born: Sweden

Coach: Charles Poliquin,Patrik Larsson, 

 Flex gym

Height: 172 cn

Off-season weight: 68-72

Competition weight: 68-69

Chest: 110 cm

Quadriceps: 60 cm

Arms: 40 cm

Competitive Record: swe championship
2004, 2005, 2007, npc excalibur 2010
10 months after my daughters birth,
lucia classic pro 2010, excalibur 2011, toronto pro show 2012, 

Why did you started with bodybuilding ?
My dad had big biceps and I loved them since I was 6 years old.
I started reading about the sport and nutrition at the age of 6.

Other sports before bodybuilding?
Long distance running, basketball, balet

Favorite food for weight reduction:
Fats and Protein. Red meat.

Favorite food after competition: 
all kinds, typical swedish food,  italian, indian, african ( Eritrean food) 

Favorite aerobic activity: 
aeribic? what is that? 

Favorite nutrition supplements:
Fx and Poliquin
If you could only do one exercise, which on would you choose?

Strongest muscles: 

Muscles that you like exercising: 
Periods, right now back and calves

How many calories do you take daily?
offseason 3500kcal/ day at least
preparing 2500 kcal/ day

If you won 1 million $$$, what would you buy? 
 I would invest and make sure my kids get what they need in life.

What would you change in sport if you could?
The classes, that there would be more for a girl in my size.
I am smallest on a pro stage, but to lean and big for physique..

What do you like doing in your spare time? 
spare time...? spend time with my family and my team, Team Palmell

Who is your favorite  woman bodybuilder? 
Lenda Murray, Cory Everson and swe Gunilla Söderberg

What is your sport goal?
ms olympia..��

Please describe a typical day in your life?
Up 3-4 in the morning, start my days first workout,
then eat, get my kids to school, back home rest ,
prepare my next workout, more food, rest,
visit my Naprapath Peter Lundgren,
home, pick up my kids, drive them to their football practice
( 7 days a week) and help them with their physics-training.
home, make them food, and then bedtime. 

Please tell me something about your daily training routine? 
the secret is NO routine 

How often do you train in a week ?
7-36 times/ week

What are the main differences when you train for a competition and in off season?

What are your future plans for 2013/2014?
chicago wings of strength, tampa pro,
and hope to qualify to ms O.. that is my dream anyway. 

Frida Palmell

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