Floor van Putten

Fibo 2012


Born: 3 July 1966

Marital status: Living together with my boyfriend.

Coach: Andrew Houtveen from Fight Power Academy in Amersfoort

Klaverstede Schiedam

Height: 1,55 cm

Off-season weight: 59 kg

Competition weight: 54 kg

Competitive Record:

1987 - 1st Place Open Rotterdamse (IFBB Netherlands)
1988 - 1st Place Hercules (IFBB Netherlands)
1988 - 2nd Place Open Luzern Cup Zwitersland
No competitions during 1988/2008.
Started as a group lessons instructor and Yoga instructor.
Came back in 2008
2008 - 1st Place Dutch Championship YBF
2008 - 1st Place World Championship WFF in Germany
2009 - 3rd Place Universe WFF in Germany
2009 - 1st Place Dutch Championship NAC Netherlands (National Athletic Com.)
2009 - 2nd Place Universe NAC Germany
2010 - 5th Place World Championship NAC Spain
2010 - 4th Place World Championship WFF Austria
2011 - 10th Place Arnold Classic Ohio
2012 - 1st Place Dutch Championship (building 55 kg) IFBB Netherlands

Other sports before bodybuilding?
I teach Group lessons like, body pump, bodyshape, Zumba, pilates, yoga, spinning, steps etc. I like a lot of sports.

Favorite food for weight reduction:
I like to take care of my health, so I eat everything that provides my health.

Favorite food after competition:
After a completion I like to eat a hamburger.

Favorite aerobic activity:
Teaching my group lessons is my favorite aerobic activity.

Favorite nutrition supplements:
Isolate protein from QNT. Glutamine, multivits and extra vitamine C.

If you could only do one exercise, which on would you choose?
I just like to train, so there is no special exercise
I love to do more than other ones.

Strongest muscles:
My legs are very strong.

Muscles that you like exercising:
I like to train every muscle.

How many calories do you take daily?
Off season 2600 cal. and when I start my diet with on or about 2000 cal.
and end as low as is necessary for the right shape.

Favorite celebrity?
I don’t have a favorite celebrity. I rarely watch tv.

If you won 1 million $$$, what would you buy?
I would give part of the money to my family
and the rest I will save for a moment I really need it.
But to celebrate it I will go on vacation with everybody I love.

What would you change in sport if you could?
That “my” sport will be more accepted.
Most of the people thing we use anabolics
and that this is the only way to win competitions.
I think that there are a lot of talented athletes
and they do not always get the credits the earn for all the hard work.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I don’t have a lot of spare time. But the moments I have I like to rest,
go to the sauna, read a book, make a walk on the beach….

Who is your favorite woman bodybuilder?
22. I don’t have one favorite female body builder.
There are a lot of beautiful female body builder and there also a lot of beautiful figure and fitness athletes.

What is your sport goal?
The Arnold Classic in Ohio 2013.

Please describe a typical day in your life?
I start at 6.30 in the morning. Have breakfast at 7.00 in the morning.
I start at the office (I also work for a law firm) at 8.30 till 17.30.
Most of the time I go to the gym to train and/or teach my group lessons.
During the day I eat 6 or 7 times small meals.
I try to go the bed at 22.30 and after a good night sleep I start again at 6.30.
Only in the weekend I start one hour later
and during the weekend I take more rest
and try to find some quality time for friends and family.

Please tell me something about your daily training routine?
I train 4 times a week and combine the training with my group lessons.
I train chest and back together. I train shoulders, biceps and triceps together.
I train legs apart. The fourth day I do special plyometric training for my legs.
The difference on and off season is the plyometric training.
I only do the plyometric training when I prepare for a competition.
When it is necessary I also do extra cardio in the morning when I am training for a competition.

What are your future plans for 20102/2013?
As said above: my main goal is the Arnold Classic in Ohio 2013.
I have been there in 2011, but a few weeks before this competition
my father died so my focus and shape were not as they seem to be.
I hope I can make it in 2013!
But to get there I have to do the Dutch Grand Prix
(Juliette Bergmann Classic) on 9 December.
I start my preparation next week!