Estefania Saura Moya

Fibo 2014


1. Born: 12/09/1976

2. Marital Status: single

3. Coach: Ramón Freire Gonzàlez

4. Club: AEFF - International NAC

5. Height: 1'58cm

6. offseason Weight: 70kg

7. Competition Weight: 63kg

8. Why start bodybuilding ?: From the first day I saw him I knew that was what I wanted to do

9. Other sports before? Swimming, athletics, volleyball and dance

10. Favorite food to lose weight all kinds of salads with a variety of vegetables, pineapple, walnuts, and chicken

11. Favorite food after the competition: lentil stew with rice, carrot, potato and egg

12. Favorite aerobic activity: I like doing aerobics in the machine "stair" because it allows me to tone the same work aerobically

13. Supplements nutric favorites: Glutamine, HMB, BCAA

14. Favorite Exercise: I could not tell which is my favorite exercise, depends on the objective and I want to work

15. stronger muscles: I have a predominant muscle, but if I had to choose one, maybe back

16. Muscles exercise I like: I like to work the entire body

17. Daily Calories: I do not count calories

18. Favorite celebrity: arnold