Salla Kauranen

World Games 2005

Born:Helsinki, Finland
Marital status: Have a boyfriend
Club:Töölö Gym, Helsinki.
Height: 159cm
Off-season weight: between 65-68 kg
Competition weight: -57 kg

Competitive Record:Bodybuilding:
3x Finnish Champion+ Over All Winner (2001, 2003, 2004)
3rd in World Championship, 2003 (-57kg)
5th in World Championship, 2004 (-57kg)
5th in World Games, 2005

Why did you started with bodybuilding ?

My Boyfriend is a amatour bodybuilder and he got me interested in this hobby.

Other sports before bodybuilding?
I have danced ballet for 11 years when I was younger.

Favorite food for weight reduction:
Turkey and potatoes. Or white Fish and vegetables.

Favorite food after competition:
Pizza. Or pepper steak with fried garlic potatoes

Favorite aerobic activity:
Nordic Walking.

Favorite nutrition supplements:
BCAA`s, L-Glutamine, Creatine and ion exchanged wheyprotein.

If you could only do one exercise, which on would you choose?
Dead lift.

Strongest muscles:

Muscles that you like exercising:

Shoulders and back

How many calories do you take daily?
Off Season about 3000-3200 kcal
When dieting, about 2000 kcal

If you won 1 million $$$, what would you buy?
I would travel a lot and buy new bigger house.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Go to movies, see my friends, go to shopping, do different kinds of sports.

Who is your favorite woman bodybuilder?
Valentina Chepiga, Cristine Roth, and of course Marja-Leena Lehtonen from Finland

What is your sport goal?
Win World Championship some day.

Please describe a typical day in the life from Salla Kauranen?
When I´m on diet I wake up at about 4.30 am. Then I do my aerobic exercise, eat breakfast and go to work. I sometimes work from 7 am.- 3 pm, sometimes 1 pm-9 pm and sometimes 9 pm-7 am. I´m working as a nurse.After work I eat, rest litle and go to gym. After gym I eat, make next days meals for work read or watch TV with my boyfriend and go to bed at 10-11 pm.

How often do you train in a week ? 4-5 days + aerobic training 3-6 times per week.

What are the main differences when you train for a competition and in off season?
There is no big difference. I don´t do so much aerobic exercise off season,only 3-4 times per week. Otherwise I always try to train as hard as I can.Every 6th week I train little lighter.

What are your future plans for 2005/2006? At this time I´m getting ready for World Championships in Santa Susanna, Spain. And a week after that I partisipate in Finnish Championships in Lahti, Finland. Next year 2006 I have no plans yet.