Vivian Ann Hylkema-Tabak

Fibo 2007

IFBB WM 2006

Where was I born? In Venlo, The Netherlands

What is my profession: Manager of Health Club/ Personal Trainer

Was I involved in sports prior to fitness/body building? Yes, but it was a totally different sport. I jumped horses in the United States and was Youth Equitation Champion of my State at the age of 14 years.

How did I get started in weight training? I always found it beautiful to see Rachel McLish, Corry Everson and other women in the 80’s looking so sleek, so when we moved to the Netherlands I joined a gym.

Was it my goal to go into competitions? Not really, after training for awhile, I wanted to get into shape and someone suggested to go on a competition diet. That was in 2003. So as there was a competition in april of that year, I decided to go for it and did the Figure class.

My competition history is:

April 2003 Uden Open competition 2nd place Figure
April 2006 Delfzijl Eemsmond Cup 1st place Body Building
April 2006 Dutch National Championships 1st place Body Building
September 2006 World Championships Santa Susanna 10th place +57 kg BB

Which contest was my biggest success? I think I would have to say the Dutch Championships here in The Netherlands. It meant so much to me to be able to do so well in my first year of competition Body Building.

Here is some information about my training:

I train mostly 4-5x’s a week. Changing my program about every 4 weeks. My husband writes my training programs. The only thing I really change is I add some diversity in the program if I see I need to work harder on a certain muscle group. My split training is very diverse but here is an example: Back/Biceps/Abs, Shoulder/Triceps, Day off, Legs/calves, Chest/Arms/Abs. I do Cardio all year round, off season 3x’s a week and going into competition I do about 5-6x’s a week.

What is my favourite exercise in the gym? That depends a lot on my mood, but I like Chest presses, and I like Walking lunges.

What is my least favourite exercise in the gym? Cardio! Yuck!

Which body part do I like the most about myself? Mmmmm…..that is very hard for me to answer because I am very critical of myself. Most people say my legs because of their mass, I would like to say my shoulders and back.

What do I enjoy about training for a competition? I like the challenge! Working towards a goal, the excitement, the game of putting everything together and hoping that this time it will be perfect! I love that!

What do I enjoy about the off season? I have so much more strength and I like that! I feel normal, can do my workouts well and not having the obligation to precisely train on schedule.

Describe a typical day in my life is:
Depending on the day and how late I work, I get up around 6.00 a.m. to eat breakfast and then go back to bed! When I work a later shift I get up around 8.00 a.m. and clean up my house and go to the supermarket and do some errands. I go to the gym around 11.00 to train and do cardio. I am finished around 13.00 and then go home to shower and get ready for work at 14.30 p.m. I work until 22.00-22.30, go home make my food for the next day, watch some television and relax a little before going to bed.

What do I do when I don’t workout? I like to visit with my family and do things with my husband and my daughter. I like to go out to eat a friend of ours, his restaurant. Of course, I pretty much stick to my diet, chicken, salad and sometimes a little bit of French fries. Ha! I like to go shopping every now and then. But now that I am older I feel that family and time for myself is more important than going out on the town all of the time. I enjoy my house and fixing things in it.

What do I enjoy about the body building lifestyle? I like the structure. I am very structured and do not do well in an environment that is unorganised. I inherited this competition fever from my father I think. I always have to have a goal.

Something interesting about myself?
Well, let’s see,….. I grew up in Pennsylvania on a horse farm. Like I said before I was a very competitive horse show rider in the United States up until we moved to Holland when I was 18 yrs. Old. I also danced in a show dance group that performed in the biggest theatre in Holland, you know, show dance girls with the big feathers on their costumes. I have a 18 year old daughter. My father was a famous horse race driver in the the United States in the 80’s and my brother just became European Champion 125cc Motorcross the same weekend that I had the World Championships in Spain. I am very proud of my family and their accomplishments.

What are my competition goals? I want to win the European and World Championships!

What are my personal goals? To be able to train for as long as I can, to someday have my own health club/gym and to live a long , happy and healthy life! Enjoying every minute of it!