Desiree Dümpel

Fibo 2012


Shooting April 2009

Fibo 2008

Born: Den Helder (Holland)
Marital status: private
Coach: myself
Club: several gym´s
Height: 170 cm
Off-season weight: between 80-82 kg
Competition weight: between 76-77 kg
Chest: don't know
Quadriceps: 60 cm
Arms: ±41.5 cms

Competitive Record:

- 1st place at a fitnessfestival (local contest in Den Helder)
- 4th place at the open gelders at nijmegen ( C-conterst/in a line-up of 10 ladies!)
- 2nd place 57+ kg at Hoogeveen (C-contest)
- 1st place at Almere (C-contest)
- 2nd at the Holland at Zoetermeer (A-contest Dutch championships)
- 4th at the Holland at Zaandam(A-contest Dutch championships)
- 1th at the pre-selection at the night of the dutch champions
- 2 th at the Holland at Zaandam (A-contest Dutch championships)
- 1st at the Night of the Champions (preselectie)
- 1st at the Holland (A-contest Dutch championships) te Deventer.
- Dutch Grand Prix Winner Amersfoort
- 2nd Place dutch grand prix schiedam

- 5th final place at the Universe in England
- 1st place at the FED cup/nationals 1 in Belgium
- 6th final place at European Championships in Greece
- 7th place at the World Championships in Greece
- 4th place at the Universe in England
- 2nd place European Championships Aberdeen Schotland
- 2nd place World Championships Aberdeen Schotland.
- 3rd place 11th octber World Championships the universe at Birmingham.
- 3rd place European Championships Solingen Germany
- 4th place World Championships Brasil
- Miss Universum Nabba England
- 5th place European Champianships Italy
- 1st place Body -Xtreme Cup

Why did you started with bodybuilding ?
I started with to loose weight. Than i lifted weights at the fitneslevel for a few years. But if found a real good balanced body with muscles more attractive.

Other sports before bodybuilding ?
Tabletennis at high national level,keeper at handball.

Favorite food for weight reduction:
High and low carb days . Fish, Chicken, Turky, Eggs, hafer, rice, green beans, cocos oil, omega 3 fatties

Favorite food after competition:
Indonesian food,pizza,mc donalds,ice-cream at icy-prima a ice-salloon near Den Helder.

Favorite aerobic activity:
Actually none. But in my preparing for a competition a walk a lot and use the airwalker.

Favorite nutrition supplements:
A whey isolate , multivitamin and mineral, calcium ,magnesium, ,hmb,liquid krealkalyn,glutamine, msm, haiknorpel.

If you could only do one exercise, which on would you choose?
Bicep curl

Strongest muscles:
Legs and abdominals

Muscles that you like exercising: Biceps

How many calories do you take daily?
It depends on the period in the year. But off-season between 2200-2800 kcal.

Favorite celebrity?
Jean Claude van Damme

If you won 1 million $$$, what would you buy?
A gym,a house,a car.

What would you change in sport if you could?
I would prepare international workshops for all the judges.
Not because they're judging wrong, but they're all judging different.
And that confuses the athletes.I think the headjudge must correct the other judges when they are judging out of their own opinion.
There are judgingrules and they must be at on level.No confusing for the judges and the athletes.
It would be must joy for both sides.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Surfing at internet, listing to semi-classis music, see a movie, indonesian cooking

Who is your favorite woman bodybuilder?
Juliette Bergmann

What is your sport goal?
Once to compete at the Ms. Olympia.

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