Ana Maria Insa

NAC Universe 2013

In Valencia ( Spain ) on July 19, 1986 .

I relationship for 10 years

Coach :
July Portet But I must say that 's a great coach
has a great experience in this sector besides a great knowledge about this ,
would not have come without the horn here ,
turns in each and every one of my polishing preparations
till the last detail regarding workouts and diets .

Portet -Team each of the components are like family to help us each other a lot .

Height: 1.69 cm

Weight off season: between 62 -63 kg

Competition Weight : between 55 kg 54 kg

Why start with bodybuilding ?
Always liked me to sport practice ,
one day my partner invited me to share a workout with me and since then
I liked and was change my way of life for a lifestyle for me.

Other sports before bodybuilding ?
I practised play basketball with my school team ,
also practiced swimming
and athletics participating in competitions.

Favorite Food for Weight Loss :
I'll take a snack ; egg whites cake with oats and cinnamon, this delicious .

Favorite food after the competition :
Chocolate Muffins lol a prize for the palate.

Favorite aerobic activity :
I love the elliptical with a good session of music on my mp3.

Favorite Nutritional Supplements :
Protein Smoothie flavored biscuit with cream, and glutamine for faster recovery .

If you could do one exercise , which would you choose?
I´d Pick the squat , but it's a tough year with very good results .

Strongest muscles :
My back .

The muscles that you like exercising :
Shoulders legs and abs.

How many calories you take every day?
Usually around 2,500 calories a day on .

Favorite celebrity ?
The Rock.

If you won $ 1 million $ $, what would you buy ?
Would travel to California to visit the mecca of bodybuilding as it is an illusion that I have for years.

What would you change if you could in the sport ?
Exchange has little repercussion this sport to the media .

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I like going out to dinner with my family and friends , going to the movies , take a walk .....

Who is your favorite female bodybuilder ?
Danna Lynn Baley , Oksana Grishina , Larissa Reis.

What sport is your goal ?
To get a first place in the ms and mr universe in which I fell runners in the category Miss Fitness 2013 this year .

Please describe a typical day in your life?
I get my fix and I feel to watch the news while breakfast,
then I go to the beauty salon where I work all day
and evening when I leave to work I 'll do what I like most is training
other than that I love helps me de-stress ,
I am bringing me there with my coach and my teammates,
a good shower and then home for dinner with the family.

Please tell me something about your daily training routine ?
We perform four movements per muscle group and three for smaller groups ,
beginning with one or two basic exercises and ended with analytical exercises.

How often do you train in a week?
I usually train six days a week with one day off during the off season
and precompetition three to four days alternating with rest between each other .

What are the main differences when you train for a competition and in off-season ?
Off season conventionally trained in ascending pyramid scheme with a large group
and one small with strength training
and a training program priorities mounted my coach in July Portet is modified when he thinks convenient.
I have to say that diet is also controlled during every phase of the off-season.
With 16 weeks prior to competition evaluated the physical condition,
the percentage of fat and develop a plan where pre-competition training intensifies both weekly
and in the same session using supersets training systems , triseries , giant sets ,
descending series and especially diet and aerobic exercise that play a crucial role in the lens.

What are your future plans for 2014/2015 ?
Follow my training and getting ready to compete hard
and revalidate or exceed those achieved titles.
Thanks a lot for give me your attention for yor magazine.
Ana Insa.