Ielja Strik

Im born at 25 th of March in Cuijk (North-Brabant/Holland)
At this moment i'm living at a appartment with my roommate Bram.My partens are the most faithful fans of me.They are actually at every compete of me. I've also a brother and a sister in law.They're also very regular to find at my competes.
My biggest hobby has always been sport.In the first place i turned for 15 years.After this i went to the gym for fitness and nearly lived there.I found out very quickly that i was strong, but i was missing a trainer who could coach me.I found this happily in the person Klaus Kaak.After a year of hard training,dieting and posing i did my first compete.This was in november 1996. I get really hot for it. I didn't have the shiffers at stage.I found it marvellous to stand there.
After three years of learning and making a lot through, i decided to make a change and was looking for a new challenge.This dissision wasn't easy for me because i did have a nice time with Klaus Kaak.Soon i came at the gym of the trainer Rinus van de Zijden at Almere. He trains/coaches a lot of dutch bodybuilders.
At februar of 2001 i changed suddenly my thoughts.I had a little time left, so i wanted to compete at a powerlift contest.Klaus Kaak my first trainer teached me the begin of powerlifting.I competed for the first time at the dutch championships en became a first place. So i'm also in the selection of the dutch team.
I find it also nice to compete at benchpress contest. I became a third place at the worldchampionships. This was a surprise for me and i'm still enjoying this victory.
In januar of 2002 i found a coach who's training me in powerlifting. His name is Wim Wamsteeker and he's is a topper by himself.
With his kind of training and coaching i did make a good progress en i became the champ at the dutch championships of powerlifting and benchpress.I became also my first international title at the Union Cup Championships.
Not only the coach is important but of course also my trainingpartners.Erwin Krokkee, the best powerlifter of the Netherlands.He took care of making the contact with Wim Wamsteeker.But of coures Erwin is not the onlyone, there are a few more trainingspartners important to me. Robber Klaver en Ylke Vaasen and than our team is complete.After a few weeks training with this great persons saw other powerlifters we could learn a lot from each other.Each training again. My goals for the future are rechanged every day.Bodybuilding is not at the first place at the moment, but i don't quit with it.In the compete of powerlifting and the benchpress i'll put a lot of energy, so i can within three years standing at the top of the world.

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